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Ransomware rules the world of cyber crimes is no exaggeration. It has been the number of cyber crime for quite some time now, and the precision it has been gaining, shows no signs of ebbing. Ransomware gangs rule the roost and sometime; we get a feeling that they can attack at will and the world has no choice but to watch in helplessness. Ransomware gangs today command a nature of fear that even the best of mafias could not command in their heydays. One such gang representing the LockBit ransomware, first appeared in Jan 2020, have received more than $ 120 million in ransom payments.

One Russian-Canadian, Mikhail Vasiliev, in custody in Canada, in connection with LockBit is awaiting extradition to the US. LockBit alone had several dozen ransomware threats on its site last Tuesday. Its criminal operations are enough to give you an idea as to what they mean to the cyber crime / security of the world. It is amongst the most dangerous ransomware syndicates in the world accounting for 23% of nearly 4000 attacks globally last year.

After a ransomware attack London Drugs, retailer and pharmacy chain closed all its 79 stores in Western Canada. The breach was discovered on 28th April 2024. A ransomware gang says it will release stolen data if they do not pay a ransom of $25 million in 48 hours. Shawnigan, a cyber security company claims that it knew of demand almost immediately due trackers on the darknet. This might go down as the biggest demand in a ransomware attack to date. London Drugs confirmed the cyber attack and said that it was orchestrated by a “sophisticated group of global cyber criminals.” This group of cyber criminals took electronic files from its corporate head office.

London Drugs did not name LockBit but LockBit on Tuesday posted a notice on a dark-web site threatening to post release the data from the attack if they did not pay a ransom of $25 million. LockBit claimed it was offered $8 million, but this claim remains unsubstantiated. London Drugs has clarified that it is “unwilling and unable to pay ransom to these cyber criminals.” A welcome stand indeed in the fight against ransomware attacks, and the wretched syndicates. The company believes as of now, that no customer, patient or primary employee database were compromised. It’s just the beginning, things may change drastically, but London Drugs is ready to battle it out both the legal and technical way.

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