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How many of our discussion centre around reading habits?  What we read is what we are, they say.  Have you ever felt like writing something,  to communicate your ideas, thoughts or feelings. Are we a  community of literacy certified individuals,  unwilling to practice the ultimate gift given to mankind.  Or our reading & writing emanate & converge in social media.  Most unknown facet of your life is your reading habit and even more unknown is the writing habit, if any.

 The certified literacy community are constricted by syllabus, exams & results.  The textbook is the final frontier of knowledge to be mastered. Some other reading material in higher classes are meant for the genius.  Reading / writing / knowledge should necessarily culminate in grades of choice, otherwise it’s of no value.  The quest to read & write have barely takers in this country, even in academic fraternity, who have been mandated to inculcate these habits in the next generation.

 Buying a book is out of fashion.  They say they do online reading. Its results are nowhere to be seen, either in professional / academic interactions or writings in the public domain of any genre.  When does a professor discuss the recent globally best books written in the field?  Are students forced to read?  What percentage of our academic fraternity are voracious readers?  All writings of theirs ends up in their  journals  of rating they are familiar with,  in an  ecosystem  they are only comfortable with. Taxpayers who pays for most of these institutions, remain bereft of the fruits of their wisdom.

 With clarity missing,  as it is outcome of reading, writing & much more,  every new academic & professional act is challenge for experts & their SOPs,  which are equally challenged.  The best tool of enablement & empowerment does not entice anybody.  A country which reads & writes perforce, aspires to take centre stage in the knowledge economy.  Research & development  thus generally  gets into the  perforce mode.  What a tragedy.  High time to start reading & writing.


    Sanjay Sahay

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