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Yuval Noah Harari said “if future of humanity is decided in your absence, because you are too busy feeding and clothing your kids – you and they will not be exempt from the consequences.” It is a truism. We have even crossed that to an extent that we are not interested in engaging with most of the major conversations of our times, with clear cut huge impending impact in the near future. We have decided to be lame ducks, waiting to be disrupted, not only be the global trends, may be AI as it stands today, but with anything and with anybody, which can either show us the moon or ride roughshod.

The issue is we ready to be engaged? The disappearance of the civil society and intelligentsia has brought forth a nature of disruption which was beyond our imagination and unfortunately that has come to stay. The nature of disruption what we are talking in not proactive or for positive change but in the sense of disruption making a negative impact. Disruption as a romantic term for super change does not exist here. It is something right that has been broken or a nascent positive trend that is deliberately blotched. When you are society which is ready to get disrupted, you always fall prey to the people and movements which work on only vested interests.

The schools being taken over coaching and then coaching transforming itself courtesy crash commercialization and then moving on to take proportions of a mafia type operations. We decided to remain fine with it as long we remain untouched. Such disruptions do not happen the way we want, it is made to happen the way they want, to subserve interests which are ulterior and not in the interest of the students. The schooling system is disrupted. Disrupted would mean at times broken, broken by mercenaries while we watched.

Leaving aside being engaged, we don’t even want to counter anything nefarious happening. Think of situations in the mainstream media, between the quantum of advertisements and ownership they can decide the narrative. In the face of print media today and literally so, I think the Yellow Pages can down as a much better alternative. The people who provided muscle to politicians a few decades back, decided to become the political muscle themselves and here they are in good measure. The voter has been transformed into a single use EVM, once in five years. This mandates everything for every government. Leave aside research, the research papers gone the plagiarism way, now you have software to catch them, yet very little original comes out. Disrupted to the core. It’s the same story every time when there is a hard push, acquiescence becomes our natural response. How long and how far can be go this way?

Sanjay Sahay

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