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The pace of Artificial Intelligence, AI, platforms, products and services are already reaching alarming proportions and no one knows which way it is going, inclusive of the people and companies that are creating / developing it. When you are at the ongoing level of research and development, the government has nothing much to do with it, but once the product is ready to enter the commercial space, it has to be tested, validated and certified. It is the job of the governments and regulatory agencies, without which the world cannot operate, whatever might be the technology scaling and its professed, claimed and real utility.

Even a small biotechnology product or even a hardware goes through numerous checks when it declared fit for human use. Did we allow any vaccine to come out without proper testing and certification even in the dire days of the pandemic? There are any number of issues which the commercial IT companies will never bring to bring to the table and it is not their job too. They will enthrall the audience the exponential positives. We would be stuck up with the fact that the students can do homework with the help of ChatGPT, which we feel is not correct. That is not even the beginning of it. The way it will change the world and of it likely go out of control, is genuine and real and is not a leaf out of the sci-fi movies.

If we compare the way be handle our physical world and its products and the cyber world, and its products and services, we can say with full confidence, that it still remains to be an unregulated world. For all their grandstanding the what the IT behemoths have done with the social media is encapsulated in a brilliant manner in the movie The Social Dilemma. The hacks of elections are all unknown. The ISIS’s success with the social media and the havoc it wrecked in the physical world has not been too old to forget. The fake accounts, which Elon Musk, on one medium, leave aside dozens of them are making the world immensely porous from all points of view.

The governments have literally failed in the regulatory task pertaining to the social media and the epidemic is all around. The unassailable power of these companies have gained by the control of data and agencies having the capability to audit them has brought us to this pass. AI has been having moral and regulatory issues for long. If the algorithms have made a monkey of us, you can well imagine, what AI would do. The creators are not aware of the full breadth of the issues. It has already gone out of control in couple of the R&D projects. AI will learn on its own and decide on its own. The dependence will keep on increasing till the time we cannot do without it. Intelligence for our work etc will thus go out of us and we will start working on what can be termed as Alien Intelligence, a non-human one. Regulate or risk mankind is the trillion-dollar question.

Sanjay Sahay

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