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Relentlessly successful can be defined as the mindset, which has beset Indians at least in the last decade or two. This game is not played in the public exams or the famed competitive exams or other such renowned bodies whose testing, evaluation and certification remains beyond doubt. Any success that is achieved in this manner draws immense appreciation and so should it be. The has been happening since the onset of talent-based meritocracy that took shape in this country and also became robust in a few areas and continues to this day. That did not unfortunately become the reigning ecosystem of the country.

To near bewilderment, a good number of people coming out of the talent-based systems with elan, fell back to get into the race of relentlessly successful, which is plaguing the nation of a level that can declared at the ultimate arrival of mediocracy in the country. We see numerous references of it all over and experience it in our day-to-day life in utter dismay. That has become the ruling format of the nation. Who can deny the fact that it takes immense effort to master anything for that matter, the complex ones of today, even more? Then the capability to practice and that too be successful to deliver outstanding results. That is success. It does not happen with the predictability this great lot is looking for.

There are literally no exceptions and they don’t fail, till the time they getting support from the favorable ecosystem, which they too get into a quid pro quo. Or worse still they able to make an ecosystem of their own, alone or in a great collaboration. Sometimes these ecosystems are replicated in a mercenary manner, fulfilling every stakeholder’s interest. The higher educational system has been broken down in this manner. CVs and connections rule the roost. Performance itself is compromised. Who is there to evaluate and merit and talent and who is need of it? Who wants to slog all his life to deliver? Chandrayaan was not a flight of fancy, but of humans who immersed in tech research and development, with grit, determination and perseverance. Success and failure are a different story.

Such human beings know how to romance with failure for the bigger cause. Even if the ultimate success does not happen, it would be life well lived and worked for. Someone else will deliver down the line. You were able to cover that part of the journey and more often the most difficult one. Proving yourself right and successful and simultaneously make it known to the world, seems to the singular focus of the up moving Indian today. For sure public domain and governance is gripped with this high-octane fever. It is diametrically opposite to what Gita taught us, and what we keep quoting profusely, whenever given a chance to give gyan on life. We cannot keep declaring ourselves successful in a milieu created for this purpose. It is already backfiring and its high time to take stock and change trajectory.

Sanjay Sahay

Have a nice evening.

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