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Indians love passing remarks on all & sundry without any inhibition, making it India’s national hobby. More often that not the person might not even aware of the subject. If he is barely aware of the subject, certainly he js not able to fathom out the impact. If you know a bit about the impact, you have no idea of the operations of the complex electronic media & what impact it can make by editing, comments, repetition etc. Life is all about gaining the right contextual intelligence, use it in our public interfaces in which public domain remarks come at the top. Its more so in an age of instant media cacophony.

Remarks have crazy life cycle. Though it can happen suo motto, lots of times it is because of some provocation on repeated questioning. Whatever may be the genesis, the build up is always the same. Remarkmaster is a profession by now, most of them well known. Whosoever are relevant are requested to furnish remarks. After all that, some snide remarks by media person &the topic depending on it’s fitness, is elevated to the level of the TalkShow. Depending on the TRP the talk shows continues, finally to be dropped like a hot potato. The new remark life cycle would begin.

To separate the wheat from the chaff has been the stated goal for the creation & sustenance of the Fourth Estate. The guardians working on facts / figures / painstaking investigation / empirical analysis are to provide a one of its kind ringside view to the citizen & the voter. The remark eco-system seems to be the anti-thesis of this thought process. A remark itself becomes breaking news. The standards needs to be known to the TRP creators; the viewers.

President Trump has broken the shackles of US official communication &has made his remarks via Twitter seem like that of the Govt. White House is left with no option but to defend it. Remarks and counter remarks are bane of the current US Presidency, all propriety of governance and diplomacy being thrown to the winds.


Sanjay Sahay

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