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We have been in this arena from times immemorial and would continue to remain in it, till the cows come home? Research has become a standard vertical of any organisation, more so an academic one. What does research aspire to deliver, before we start researching the research in this country. Lab to the field, we have been hearing for ages. Workable prototypes is being heard of late. Doctoral thesis became the kernel of a leading IT behemoth. Natural sciences research model hitting the technology sector as well. Google DeepMind has created research and development seamless model starting from the academic type and finally ending with fully business ready products. Do we have a purpose? If so, how much have we achieved in tangible terms?

The sad part of the story is that mainstream research is happening outside the academic and research organisations. It is in these commercial organisations results are evident by what they deliver and influence the world, by their product and financial returns impact. Garnters, DeepMinds and a Government like Estonia can teach us the utility and sanctity of research. Either it should be done that way or its better not on the agenda. On this backdrop, if we start to evaluate the standard conventional organisations for this very same purpose, then it gives a feeling that research is being done for research purposes only.

This simply means that you are tied to it for gains unconnected to that research. So the necessity to research the research. This would be the metadata of Indian research, which would throw up startling results. First mapping is for the areas in which research is required. Do we have any? Total number of such researches done. If there is big mismatch there, that would be the first red herring. What is the effort and time calculation formula? Is it in anyway connected to the funding and scholarship? If that is connected then it is the second major red herring. What is the quality of researchers, are they the best and the brightest? Where does it fit in the passion versus necessity formula?

The data on the number of researches to fulfil the mandatory qualification can throw up startling results. Are they the major chunk of this fruitless exercise. How many of these researches have lead to further research questions and research being launched? How many of the committees clearing the original findings can themselves defend those findings, leave the researcher aside. Then the guide? He counts doctoral thesis gone through him like chicken count. How much has he gained in wisdom over the years. Has the cozy guide researcher formula worked to benefit of research or the twosome. How can hundreds of doctorates in an academic / research institution deliver literally nothing, is the enigma researching the research would solve.


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