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Think of any position, official or professional distinction, a celebrity, recipients of celebrated honours, academic degrees et al, the respect it generates as a natural response in you is for whatever they are supposed to be and not for what they actually do. That is unknown to you or camouflaged in a manner that it would take a lifetime for you to discover, if you are ever able to. The reality is even worse, what they are supposed to be is also unknown, the perception created is the only reality. With the mechanically wired brains created generation after generation, this has become our DNA. The degeneration has happened to a level that we as a community and society have lost the will to fight either in life or for even a decent death.

Is there a audit mechanism for what they do? May it be the political executive, bureaucrats, academicians, scientists, doctors, free lance professionals, they within themselves keep validating each other. Worst still we live in a culture of self certification, which you are dared not to challenge. The story goes like this, a fairy tale one, that the person in a position or a professional decides what he will do, in which manner or his organisation decides, mostly in it’s favour and of the professional and never in favour of the citizen, consumer, user, client, customer, you can call him by whatever name. He will always be at the receiving end. And all that make believe world will run in his name.

The job description of the Chief Executive of the state should be known to all it’s citizens. Why should be it left for presumption? We keep imagining what he is supposed to do? We keep believing in the inherent goodness of human beings, which was lost long time back, at least in the public domain. Is the CM permitted by law to fight his power battle during an existential crisis? Whatever you think the Chief Executive is supposed to do, never materialises and still you remain eternally hopeful. There is no outcry. What is not supposed to be done should me made known. If that is known to us, at least we will safeguard against that onslaught. Who executes the court directives / judgements regarding the interpretation of laws pertaining to individual rights, govt. services to be compulsorily rendered or offered ?

How compliances happen should to made known and with it, the changed status quo. Otherwise, what is the fun. When things keep on deteriorating, you keep getting elated feelings that everything is normal. Worse still, in the filtered world of social media, lots look like Singham, each having become a social media czar. The quantum of unnecessary social media presence eats on their time, energy, focus, effort, perseverance etc. Is this what they are supposed to do? The reality is dark, stark and naked, nearly in every field, right in front of you. Things will get back to the same grind once the situation eases. The same pillar to post story, discussing what these well positioned characters are supposed to do. The strength they carry is that in this murky world, responsibilities are unclear, not made known to the world and remain blatantly unaccountable.


Sanjay Sahay

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