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The topic itself is a challenge for the readers to make out as to what is it all about. The connect is there and it is missing too. It falls in the same gamut. Without taking the riddle any further, it is about the all-pervasive AI which we have been talking about in large number of these posts. It is taking it further, in a different dimension; of wearable devices totally fine-tuned by AI, moving away from screens, yet being seamless and the concept of it sensing your being, being a part of it and advising and guiding accordingly, at the speed of thought.

From the PC to laptop to smartphones and then smart watches paired to it, is a journey we are familiar with, what next? Will it be AR/VR, those sci-fi headsets. It brings the screen millimeters away from you. The barrier still remains. Elaborated in his Ted talk, Imran Chaudhri, talks about the legendary tech journalist Walt Mossberg who wrote in his final column, that one day technology would become invisible and computer would disappear from our sight. Compute will rule the roost in a different way. While delivering the talk, he received a call from his wife, with no gadget in sight. He says that AI would be the driving force behind the next leap in device design.

AI would open a world of possibility and it is there he wants to wholesomely contribute. It is the creation of a new kind of wearable device and a platform. What is crazy about it is that it would be completely standalone. It need not be paired with any smartphone or for that matter any other device. Imran Chaudri’s company is Humane, and he with 22 years of experience at Apple, is on an incredible journey of making the nearly invisible gadget of tomorrow both humane and humanlike. He description is extremely passionately, that it would hear what you hear and see what you see. The greatest marvel would be it being privacy-first and safe. Sounds like a different world altogether.

The most fascinating dimension of the new breed of wearable device is that ”it would be completely fading into the background of your life.” He displayed the functioning of this wearable to the audience; it answered a complicated question on shopping, told the things he missed out to attend that day, and also advised him not to eat the chocolate shown it with the medical reasoning. It is just the beginning. Machine learning makes it your own self. It can create your speech in a different language, in your voice, content, context et al. What an ability it can deliver! Instead of being a deep fake, Imran rightly calls it deeply profound. Tech transforms itself into becoming fully ambient and contextual. It will be present everywhere. Entire world will thus become an operating system. We owe it to these brilliant guys.

Sanjay Sahay

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