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Finding a method in the madness and making it happen through expertise, end to end is the promise of this project. Something of this nature might have been in the wings for quite sometime in the quagmire of funding. Same as the exponential increase in their numbers, on the wings on Apps and disruptive technologies have been the investors of different kinds; angels or otherwise, who have also entered the arena. The business environment is messy to say the least, fast funding to a millionaire dream, COVID-19 seems to have taken the bottom out of the barrel. This is when visionaries make a difference, the start up ecosystem is bound to change, the focus is on what it should be, and the company pulling it off so audaciously is none other than Sequoia Capital, Venture capital company, which has been in this trade since 1972.

The website is so refreshing, it conveys what it intends to, understood by entrepreneurs who are matured enough to and the rest as they are proverbially known are the also rans. The program is known as ”Surge – a rapid scale-up program for startups in India and Southeast Asia,” is what the website proclaims. There is no technology detailing of the nature of a factory approval process, the lookout of faith for the new unicorns, who can risk their life for creating an unicorn in shortest possible time and Surge is ready to make it happen. ”Surge combines $1 million to $2 million of seed capital with company-building workshops, global immersion trips and support from a community of exceptional founders.”

”Be unstoppable. Get ready to surge.” This is a the punch line which makes your passion run wild to grab a dream of your lifetime and beyond. That the entrepreneurs are a harried lot is not hidden to anybody. The search for capital is the real search, passion for the product or service taking the pillion’s seat. This is an initiative of Sequoia India, ”deigned to help you clear hurdles. So you can focus on building your business.” Surge is a unique program of sixteen weeks which is mix of global immersion weeks in China, India and the US. The ultimate enablement of the entrepreneurs and the startups being the only goal. It also has an investor week called UpSurge in Singapore.

The focus of this seemingly grandiose program is to create 150 Unicorns by 2025 is simple. They are in search of business ideas that have the capability to grow exponentially, there should be no clear glass ceilings. It can either create a new market, can be immensely mass scale, or can create a multisided platform – a market place, in a hot area unaddressed so far. Besides this, it is the capability of the founding team, CEO and others. Have they been through with their expertise gaining rounds in similar industries to the one they propose to start? Are the skills / expertise of the founders complementary and supplementary? Can the founders pull off the enterprise based on their competence is the billion dollar question they answer before they decide on you.


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