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Smart Solutions : ICT Solutions

Cities would define nations & the world. Smart Cities are the cities of the future, both as growth engines & ease it provides to citizens to conduct the business of life & provide the pleasure of seamless living. Well planned infrastructure is a must & as it happens the consequent ICT value add also ought to happen. Silos have to be ICT enabled for each of critical city infrastructure on software and data enabled ICT backbone.

Silos have then to be put on the collaborative mode. A generic Smart City Software Architecture needs to be developed, which can provide uniformity across cities. Standards of all hardwares and softwares have to be worked out to the last detail. A core development team has to be tasked with software development. City based customisation should be inbuilt. If need be in future, it should have the scope to integrate it into a National Smart City Database and a Knowledge Repository.

An element of Artificial Intelligence will be the value add. It would make the smart city an intelligent smart city.Internet of Things, IoT, would come into play. The broadband infrastructure with sufficient bandwidth would provide the seamless connectivity. Lots of useful data dynamically generated in real time, as per a open data policy can be put in the public domain. This data can be used for making useful apps for users by the app development fraternity. This has already been tried in San Francisco.

An example can be Integrated Transportation System, where the citizen can buy a ticket which can be used on all forms of city transport. The frequency of different modes of transport; city buses, metro etc have to be worked out in tandem. This would increase efficiency in a big way from our available resources. Then silos can get connected into one collaborative software mode at a later stage. Generic hardware & software will enable this nature of connectivity. ICT & Smart Solutions would have a transformational on the Smart City.


Sanjay Sahay

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