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Thinkers have shaped human history cannot be denied. The journey has been long, every single discipline has thought part of it. It ranges from philosophical thought to sociological to political. ”Philosophical thought is unique in that it underpins many other academic disciplines and does not rely on empirical evidence to reach conclusions.” From the Greek philosophers who gave thought to the world to the social media thinkers of today, can be a research journey into the the basic thought process of a human being. One side we have the thoughts which have pivoted the world for centuries and on the other social media thinkers can barely sustain the rigour of any criticism.

Your academic regimen, practitioners life, intense human interaction, unique individual experiences of suffering, pain & embarrassment, endless reading and if you are finally able to decipher something out of this churning, only then it fits into the definition of thought. So many times, we may feel so, the world does not feel that way. Thinkers state the truth and there can be no disagreement on that. It’s new to humanity and it helps them a get new perspective of life; of technology and what future holds for us. It is way above the normal cock and bull story, even with the best packaging.

Thinkers don’t prove their thought to be true. They leave it to the world to judge. Sometimes it may take more than a generation but finally it turns out to be true. Thinkers are of a different breed nothing can change them. It is an ongoing baptism by fire. Recent in origin social media thinkers are also a different breed. They are created out of the social media ecosystem and can live and prosper only in it. It is neither the physical or the virtual world, it is a crazy mixture of the two. They look for the physical thought validation on a digital mode. They are so thoughtful that can create pathbreaking thoughts on the fly. There is no academic regimen, testing or validation. It is an endless churning. Rest of the time they keep watching for the response. The cycle goes on.

The most fascinating aspect of social media thinkers is they decide to be one and then take the plunge lock, stock and barrel. It is a full time job. Your regular job becomes secondary. Diametrically opposite to other thinkers, they have to keep defending themselves. The criticism goes down to even personal level. The language used can make Plato, Aristotle and Socrates turn in their graves. Intense study is abhorred by the social media thinkers. It’s also very rare to find well researched articles or books on their thoughts. As they say if you can’t face the world, Facebook… It’s our great fortune to share the world with such great influencers.


Sanjay Sahay

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