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Everyone wants to be knowledgeable or so we presume, in this knowledge based world. At least, it is  a must as a ticket to a well paid job.  The validation of the knowledge is left to the examination system & certification mechanisms for good or for bad, we are not sure of.  The connect between the proclaimed knowledge, requirements & and its impact is more seen & felt by its absence.  Nonetheless, there are time tested methods of self validation & improvement, a must for every professional in the present age; known as the age of learning.  Knowledge sans assimilation & usage is no knowledge at all.  Do we really know how much we know?

The validation & learning mechanism is very simple.  Writing & Teaching.  Clayton Christensen says about writing  I never know how little I know about something until I try to write cogently about it.”  Lots of immensely critical references are made on a regular basis on our professionals inability to meet the standards. There has to be some truth in it. But for forced essays & the like, our so called educated class has not moved an inch.  A highly literate society with a very stunted writing capabilities is an inherent contradiction we have to live with.

 And I never know how complicated a problem is until I try to distill & teach its essence to others in a simple way.”  Says Christensen. This is kernel of teaching & any professional oral communication. Professional public speaking works completely on these principles.  These were the two essential skills the famed Indian educational had set out to achieve, where, when & how it wandered, nobody knows . Reality check, the skill is missing.

 In these two great elements; writing & teaching, is the hidden formula of assimilation of knowledge & consequent skills, vital for our very existence today.  Self learning is the way forward.


    Sanjay Sahay


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