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History repeats. Cyber security experts who follow major hacks and trends across the globe are familiar on hack on Nov.14, 2014 by a hacker group “ Guardians of Peace.” Confidential data from the film studio Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) was released. The data included copies on the then unreleased Sony films as well. A variant of Shamoon wiper malware was employed to erase Sony’s computer infrastructure. The group demanded that Sony withdraw its then-upcoming film The Interview. Fast forward to the days on ransomware, cyber security has transformed and so have the hackers. They wreak more havoc today.

There is another hack which has hit Sony, as being reported. The multinational technology company has become the latest victim of a data breach. The most interesting part is that multiple hackers are claiming responsibility of this hack, of which not much details have emerged. The company as of now has said that it is investigating the claims made by multiple malicious groups. This hack has seen 3.14 GB of data presumably belonging to Sony being posted on dark web hosting sites. On the notorious dark web hosting forum BreachForums, extortion group RansomedVC initially claimed responsibility for the cyber-attack.

The claims by the hackers have been huge but nothing has been authenticated so far. They claim that they had “successfully compromised all of Sony systems.” The hackers have been talking in a different language with the same meaning. They say they would not ransom the data, but would be selling it “due to Sony not wanting to pay.” What they posted in just 2MB compressed data sample. It contains some Java source code, Eclipse IDE screenshots and a ppt. The gang was communicating with BleepingComputer that the data stolen in to the tune of 260 GB and the price they are trying to get for the data booty would be around US 2.5 million.

‘Major Nelson’ another malicious actor has rubbished the claims. They said You journalists believe the ransomware crew of lies. Far too gullible, you should be ashamed.” It claimed that the stolen also contained ‘A lot’ of credentials for online systems. It has posted the same data as RansomedVC. By such claims the hacking mess is becoming messier. Both claims have to be verified. It seems to the first case of ransomware with two rival claimants to the hack. As far the victim Sony is concerned it has not gone beyond communicating to the media. This would one of most interesting cases given the hack imbroglio that has been created.

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