Daily Post 1718

These are the breed of doctors who have nothing to do with medicine. In reality they are detrimental to humanity. They were born to vitiate the atmosphere of objectivity, facts, & truth and create perceptions and keep trying their level best to create a world of total confusion. If they are able to reach this state, there is no difference between fact and fiction and you are start selling anything in the name of reality, in a calibrated manner, using large chunks of today’s technology to the detriment of the citizens, community, province and finally country. The strength of the Spin Doctors is directly proportional to the lack of truth and even further ownership, responsibility and accountability of people, systems and processes in the nation.

What does Spin mean? “In public relations and politics, spin is a form of propaganda, achieved through knowingly providing a biased interpretation of an event or campaigning to influence public opinion about some organisation or public figure.” The people who perfect this art are popularly known as Spin Doctors. They have become sought after “professionals” by indulging in a series of nefarious activities or in well-designed crack operations to change the complete complexion of an evolving situation. They are also used consistently for long periods of time, to create a desired image of a person, the one he is not. Sometimes, we call this as larger than life image.

The Spin Doctors also transform themselves into crisis managers. They have nothing to do with the domain expertise of the crisis area nor can they find any solution. They provide supplementary and complementary support to bring conducive changes in the ecosystem. They are media experts of a different kind, the vested interest type. They are also the ecosystem experts, who understand the nuances of the interplay of its different elements. They can be paid characters or they might do it for crumbs of power or because of the passion for some ideology or for the love of a person or an issue. The social media world is turning out the right hunting ground for them.

Social media has been known to be a data extraction, surveillance and a propaganda tool. Having exhausted the traditional media and also because of social media gaining pre-eminent position, the battle has shifted to where it really belongs, at lighting speed both in the hands of the person to be  influenced and also in the cloud, to address audiences at scale. *The Spin Doctors love the social media propaganda element.* It’s a field day devouring the multimedia capabilities of social media. Above and beyond the Spin Doctors can doctor content; fake, tampered, customised or deep fake, their world has finally arrived. With Spin already being their expertise, now they can Doctor it too. It has become a field day for Spin Doctors.


Sanjay Sahay

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