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The linear technology road has long been over. Technology is today a strategy with any number of disruptive technologies, there on offer. What provides your enterprise the business advantage, would have to be your call. The technology choices and the methodologies adopted for the purpose have meant windfall success or mediocrity of the company and at times sadly, its final fall. Once decided on a technology or a combination of it, to make is also a herculean task. Efficiency, cost cutting and investment all have to happen simultaneously. Microsoft missed out on mobility but made a success out of cloud.

The technologies you adopt and technologies /products that you sell should broadly fall on what we call the strategic technology road. Gartner does yeomen service to the IT world by giving trends in this area. There is no denying the fact no tech trend would yield results in one year and making a change every year would be fruitless, nonetheless, the trends provide a very important direction. This can be debated / discussed within organizations and a fair call can be taken. Informed decision is the beginning of anything which has be start with commitment and has a longish gestation to deliver. Even a few years is long in today’s world.

The leading trend for the current year is Data Fabric. It provides for the best way data can be used. The data sources across variety of platforms and business users are integrated in a flexible and resilient manner. The data is then made available everywhere, to every user who requires, irrespective of where it resides. The importance of data and ready availability as per the business requirements does not need any elaboration. Data fabric would also tell us where data should be used and changed. As per the current projections it can bring down the data management efforts by 70%.

The next trend is Cybersecurity mesh which would enable stand-alone security solutions to improve overall cyber security. This would happen while moving control points closer to the assets they’re designed to protect. What it would be worth we can understand in the backdrop of the current fragile cyber security scenario. Decision Intelligence is another such trend. ”It models each decision as a set of processes, using intelligence and analytics to inform, learn from and refine decisions.” As the world spins on the AI axis, Generative AI is another critical trend. It learns about artifacts from data and is able to generate innovative new creations. The distinctive mark is that the new creations are similar to the original but doesn’t repeat it. Tech trends define our tech future.

Sanjay Sahay

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