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The battle is on, its exam time between the students, teachers & parents and in between the Byjus and Allens. The project is all put together, the project should be super success, all kids coming out with flying colors. Education in it’s finest form should be a Win Win situation for all the stakeholders. When effort, money and unison of thought come together, it has to be stupendous success, it is not happening in this case. Something is getting unstuck. Is it the lack of responsibility syndrome camouflaged or education being brought down to Marks Vending Machine.

The cost benefit analysis does not work in favor of the results. The effort benefit analysis churns out to be even poorer. And if happen to be an impact analysis; the assimilated learning in the child, the results may turn out to be astonishing beyond words. Twenty five / thirty years back, it was an infrastructural / logistics issue. Now the school infrastructure / logistics at least in urban has to be seen to be believed. Without fai, the quality of teachers and general awareness of students has increased by leaps and bounds. The most interesting facet is what the earlier generation struggled for – the study material is available in the multi-media at the click of a mouse, 24/7.

Barrack while addressing students at a school in the US once said, if the student were to be provided the best schools, the best teachers, best facilities and the best parents too, it might still not deliver the desired results. It is the students and students alone who have to take their own responsibility. Only then the change will happen, it is bound to happen. When you out to discover what you are good at and having found it, take it to it’s logical conclusion, success is yours for a taking. This is what studies is all about. All what you have to study and the way you have to study will not be fun, but you have do it. It’s much later in life you will realise it’s utility.

Barrack Obama further went on say, whatever impediments and handicaps life throws at you, it is not a sufficient enough reason to throw up your studies. You can’t drop out of school and drop into a good job. Education is at the core of everything. If the educational ecosystem has been able to make this every child’s DNA, rest as they proverbially say, would be history.


Sanjay Sahay

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