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The public domain democratic ecosystem in super mediocre is a statement of fact. There is nothing democratic about it is a given. The talent has no parameters but has wings to fly which “all of them” can see. The one’s who have assumed the task of spotting such talent are not sure of their talent themselves. The power they wield is their talent. And more often that not, they have also been spotted in a similar manner, so they find a method in the madness, which for sure does not exist. The less said about the process the better.

Lack of process is the process. Who owns the responsibility of the talent so spotted and overnight given positions, which hold key to the destiny of crores of people. The ones who spot such great talent are the ones who evaluate the performance. It is a very closed system. If such a talent is not able to deliver, just change the talent / person and put someone else in this place through the same formula. As times a whole group of such talented people, like a government is shown the door. A new talent group emerges, again to disappear in the blue, if some reasonable challenges were to crop up.

Any parameter can be go against you or go in your favour. The operational principle is you need to be a person who needs to be favoured. One thing is for sure, that your education, positive / proactive attitude, expertise, demonstrated capability to deliver, capability to learn, work in multifarious environments etc will never will never come to the fore in your favour. Caste, creed, gender, race, region, religion et al, all taboos as per the constitution will be in full display and has turned out to be the operating system of the nation. Each of these parameters as and when required can sort of problems in that sector, area or sphere, is the democratic presumption.

To this talented group, the political leadership so to say, aligns the proven leaders of the permanent bureaucracy. They political leadership has its own pick, the parameters again unknown, at least not clear in the public domain. The two have been seamless, but of few odd aberrations which come to light in the public domain. Does lack of friction mean good governance, or manifests complete caving in, willingly or otherwise. What difference does it make? Add to this chunk of seamless democratic talent based on super talent acquisition; the advisors, consultants, companies, industry, academicians, researchers and what not, all spotted for talent in a similar manner. We are told they are bound to deliver. They have not so far, they never will.

Sanjay Sahay

Have a nice evening.

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