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The politics of any country should  manifest the stark reality of the country. Politics is the machine which throws the grassroot persons to the highest echelons of power, popularity, name and fame. The politicians claims to know the pulse of people and that is his  biggest trademark. They take the mandate from the people and use it as a carta blanche to do anything they feel like. On the other side, the earnest desire of every politician is to adorn the state or the union legislature. They are the lawmakers. A lawmaker knowing the grassroot reality can do wonders, make the legal statutes aligned to the reality of the country. What has happened is quite to the contrary?

Surreal means you can’t see the naked  reality right in front you. Your eyes can only see the visuals, that too fleeting, it does not involve any cognition. You lose the capability to connect. You forget instantaneously what you want to avoid. Is this not a  completely distorted version of the distorted reality field talked about, in reference to Steve Jobs That concept changed the world, but how much this political variant would really distort the world, no one knows. Finding comfort in a totally uncomforting environment around you,  is the capability to move the brain to the surreal. Not finding any contextual relevance in real world and yet moving on with a sense of confidence & purpose  (distorted self-serving purpose) is  the right definition of surreal politics.

The world around you does not change a slightest bit but you see improvement all around, the presumption is that anything that you do would magically change the plight of the masses. Whether it is surreal or hoodwinking or a combination of the two, no research would ever  be able to decipher. As politics, politicians and democracy surges ahead on this journey, the whole democratic system becomes an echo chamber. It has been happening for decades, though there might be some difference in the level of evil. When politics only reverberates with the noise of politics it can be termed as the political echo chamber. Political echo chamber is when individuals in the political game can only talk about themselves, lip service the public cause and hide the real agenda in various nefarious ways.

The accentuation of the political echo chamber happens when the politician completely limits himself to his party, region, caste or leader in direct correlation to the nature of politics he wants to play, and goals he wants to shoot. It becomes a relational political echo chamber. When realignment of political forces happens, politicians do the musical chair of the echo chambers. It might be a coalition requirement. There are lots of times he  changes the parties for a variety of reasons, at such times the political echo chambers reach the highest decibel levels. For sure the politics and the country have been going on different trajectories for a long long time. The country yearns for the course correction to happen.


Sanjay Sahay

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