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If every product, service, organization, resource, facility was to have a standardized and objective data matrix, which could be ingested for churning out the highest level of intelligence, the world would transform in no time. Think of the data matrix of each of these items having 20-25 data points,  created out of decades of theory, practice and research. All the data points, sets of data points; made searchable in every combination combination, creating patterns, correlations and predictions, will enable decisions to be taken at a different plane, compared to today. Data Matrix is the future of mankind in a data driven world.

Uniformity in time and space is critical to our quality existence. It has to be deployed across organizations and the nature of use also needs to be pre-decided. In one shot you get the ability to decimate subjectivity. The scale is important, the larger the scale, more is its utility and over a period of time it becomes the norm. Further improvements would keep on happening with usage. Iterative is the future and for a better fate of digital technology and mankind, it seems to be the best bet. Just as an illustrative example, the data matrix of all professors put on this format, with the ability to curate, normalize, search and generate  actionable findings, can literally change our understanding of their credentials, ability and worth. Domain business logic when put into data can do wonders.

Take the thought to another field. This is the most fascinating world of body shopping. This is the IT world. In its routine mundane avatar, anything can be sourced and outsourced. Nobody can certify its  worth. It’s like the subprime mortgage crisis in the US. The technologist’s tinder box is not crashing because we don’t have a choice. If all the technologists are subjected to a scientific and objective domain specific data matrix, you can  delineate the wheat from the chaff. All of us know which would be bigger. The CV writers write CVs, which the takers are happy to buy, in the process fixing the system itself. The data point will point to every single lacuna and also every single strong point. Don’t we deserve technologists who beat the data matrix challenge to their advantage because they are worthy of it.

The story moves further to a data matrix of products and companies. The companies define themselves, the way they want and also define their products in innumerable fanciful ways, only to get busted at the first heat of competition or reality. Can products not be put on a neat data matrix?  It can be, if we want to. But for a few hardware nothing else can even be compared. It has become a wild goose chase, everybody is  in a hurry to make a fast buck. Even leaving aside the data matrix, and to usher in a new, dynamic and pioneering level playing field, we don’t have the technical people who can validate it. Who wants to get validated anyway. Vast majority of Start-Ups don’t grow up, MSMEs remain permanently in a muddle and the bigger and brighter ones have created NPAs, which cannot be washed off in a lifetime. Data matrix is an objective tool, which serves multiple purposes. Documentation and validation are the first  signs of victory.


Sanjay Sahay

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