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Many people in the world would think of this as a form of fantasy … from a science fiction movie,” is one of the comments from a translator at Trump – Kim Jong Un summit this morning in Singapore. The whole world was glued to the Summit, outcome as expected. Fulsome declarations of new friendships but vague pledges on nuclear disarmament. Such vexatious issues cannot be sorted out in a meeting; a sigh of relief that it started. This was not the only surreal thing happening. From nuclear disarmament to crypto currency to hacking, the life itself seems to be shifting to the surreal.

South Korea has the most active crypto coin exchanges. South Korean exchange Coinrail was hacked, $40 million in Crypto is reported to have stolen, reported this morning. Executives said that nearly 30% of tokens with the exchange has been stolen; $20 million of NXPS (Pundi X) tokens, $14 million of Aston X, $6 millions in token for Dent & over $1 million TRON. Investigations are underway, still to get a clue & locate the the culprits. The exchanges which lower the security levels are exposed to more risks. The in immutability of the Blockchain is of no use in such a circumstance. The Coinrail hack is the fifth major theft this year, starting from Japanese exchange Coincheck.

The surreal does not end. Researchers at ESET have been able to detect spyware which has been spying for the last five years. Do we have the capability even to make out a hack? The answer is NO. And we live in fully digital world. The company recently detected this software in Russia & Ukraine. The malware named InvisiMole is an advanced cyber espionage software. InvisiMole turns your camera into a spying device & can record audio, video & can even take pictures from the victim’s camera.

Whether it is a distorted reality field or surreal, whatever we call it, the reality is very different from whatever we perceive. Security in it’s multidimensional format; in the digital sci-fi world, remains the top most risk.


Sanjay Sahay

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