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Blockchain was touted as the technology of the future, for more than a decade since Satoshi Nakamoto invented it and made it known to the world, through his seminal article, it is now moving in the direction of becoming all pervasive. Hyperledger Foundation founded in 2015 an umbrella project of open source blockchains and related tools, by the Linux Foundation has rendered yeomen service in the popularization of this technology and making its use cases known and charting its growth trajectory. Blockchains and mankind’s future seems to be getting intertwined and as we move into the next universe, Metaverse, it would be the base technological mechanism of everything, in concept, execution and operation. Fully functional Web3 is our next destination.

As soon as we reach there, or at least the base threshold the revolutionary nature will start impacting more than what has been portrayed even in sci-fi movies. It can also completely break down, the current internet stranglehold over us. Decentralization is at the core of everything we do in future and blockchain provides the robust tech to make it happen. It has to start with telecommunications. The present network is untrusted, and has poor reliability and performance issues. The centralized structure is neither public nor trustless. Data routing system protocol has not changed much since the 1980s. It is governed by peering relationships between telecom giants. The routing protocol is not controlled by the user, he is fully out of it. Data can keep piling at a specific congested link. The mismatch now is between network providers optimizing cost and data senders desiring optimal network performance.

Dynamic routing, no latency, packet loss or interrupted connection and privacy needs to be sorted out for Web3 / Metaverse to emerge at full scale and all comprehensive. Syntropy, like Hyperledger, is an open project providing next generation connectivity technology for the internet, building up from the current avatar and aims at making the net ready for Metaverse etc, wiping the inefficiencies, creating a new architecture and obliterating security concerns enumerated above. It proclaims that it is rethinking the internet for everyone, making a paradigm shift in security and performance of the internet. What it does in reality is to add new connectivity layer to the internet, ”establishing an open alternative data security and routing system, operating right on the top of the existing Internet protocols.”

The toolkit comprises a combination of technologies to reach and operate the vision. The interplay of the technologies includes blockchain, encryption and optimized routing. The economic model also needs to be created, that would enable and foster the deployment of this model. The ’Provider-centric system,’ trust based with; data security third party dependent, no privacy, cost based, not optimal performance and controlled by internet providers solely, has to give way to ’User-centric system’, trustless with true end-to-end data security, privacy by default, best possible performance for every connection and governed by the users. Sports betting giant has already chosen Syntropy. We are moving into a totally different digital world, with hardly any commonality with the present.

Sanjay Sahay

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