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With all the talk of professional, laced with out of the box thinking, valuation made to shoot up with the make believe creativity and innovation formula, try giving any additional work and this whole formula gets unstuck. Work is a physical component, once done you are off. If responsibility is added it is clear cut no. The you would be told a litany of woes, which his normal work entails and how he has nothing to offer, heart, mind, soul, energy, time and what not. You might feel why you asked him for that.

He is the same guy who enjoys all his leaves, plans his annual leave calendar a thousand times better than his work, is more of a social media freak than a geek, keeps Linkdin profile updated to be hired for a few thousands more anytime, is on a networking spree – not knowing who will make the apple fall. The much awaited corporate honeymoon could just start. While the most successful of the entrepreneurs would be be ashamed in saying, he would announce from the top of the rooftops, that he works hard for five days and enjoys harder for the next two days.

And then you have hear homilies on commitment by the same set of people. While management has taught a watertight compartmentalisation of job description, which project / activity does not need additional responsibility? For a work to be done in an excellent manner, we need huge amount of additional work and only then you will be able to deliver at the levels desired. Even quality documentation and a ppt at a path breaking level can be mind boggling task. A customer asking for correction / alternation of a job shabbily done leads to endless fruitless arguments and not correction.

There is a huge mindset issue. Drained energies is the given. CV can compensate for actual skills is the DNA. Over worked and underpaid thought process. Self validated great professional. Nobody to supervise productively but to tick mark processes and black and white results. Ownership, responsibility and accountability forever would remain the mantra of success. Responsibility translated into completely satisfactory deliverables for all stakeholders and taking additional responsibilities; created, mandated or pushed onto you is an integral part of a successful professional.


Sanjay Sahay

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