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Teachers all and learners none is in short our existence in what is known as the Learning Age. As they say, only learning individuals, enterprises and societies will survive and others will just cater to the learning ones. This fact does not seem to rub off on Indians. From teaching of life’s learnings as they claim in a non-formal way, bereft of any  structure, content or pedagogy they graduate to preaching and if not met with any resistance they graduate to the next level of sermonising the world The learning age will hit back at this sham when it would hurt the most.

Go through a Learning Audit in a methodical manner and if you come out of a result of no gainful / worthwhile learning for last five years, there is certainly something going wrong in your life. You are about to run out of intellectual fuel and the knowledge propellent. Even remaining afloat would become a challenge. Conversely, if you have the one teaching or delivering sermons, the question is,  has there been change in the content?  How is it relevant to the present day world.

The biggest challenge posed by this humungous group is that they are fixated on their time and space,  become dependent on people around but simultaneously claim their superiority and flaunt their by now non-existent utility. Believing that the world will not change and one would manage few decades old mindset, thought process, content and style, then one cannot be more foolish. Age no more can be used as a tool as things are moving a bit too fast to survive for a generation.

This teaching learning paradigm has to go on its head right away to be of some some relevance in the age of disruption. People should have the grace to move out of stream and allow it flow it’s natural course. The teach all mindset finds relevance where it does not exist, creates a false narrative and gives leadership to persons who don’t deserve to be even followers. From teachers all it has to be a  transformation to learners all, trying & testing the learning at each stage and make the best of the immense opportunities the present age of disruption has on offer.


Sanjay Sahay

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