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Have you been running an enterprise? Of late, are you finding an uncanny technology overload? Sometimes the mainstream technology is taken care of, but there are lots others required to make the overall system work like a seamless machine, what is their fate? The further immersion in technology is making the life of an enterprise messier. Unpredictability is becoming the order of the day. Creaky technology is allowed to continue.  The internal resources are finding it extremely difficult; leave aside matching the requirements, even imagining of it. Can this be expressed in public; certainly not. There are any number of enterprises who cannot even express their requirements. Then how do you create the requirements, make it known to the right providers, procure it and then put it into action. An extremely tall order indeed.

What is the situation on the other side? Silos in products and services with interoperability only a lip service, integration has been a mirage which has never been getting closer. Technology cannot be sold as a trader, given our affinity to trading, this is what we have been trying to do, to our nemesis. The outsourcing world which was supposed to bring in economies of scale and also increase in efficiency and productivity, does not seem to have been producing results. The consortiums which get created for single projects with non-robust partners can barely deliver robust solutions. The technology partners talk more like lawyers and bill collectors rather than the ones wedded to project delivery.

Even supposedly good projects have not delivered the solution you have been looking for. The solution to your business problem is  represented in a technological challenge. The Return on Investment, ROI, is put on display for financial full proof rationalization of any capital cost. This is the scenario we live in. This is our world of wandering solutions getting lost in the desert sand. A technology solution stands an understanding the problem, then the requirement and consequently, the capability to select the right products, services and manpower. If you have a vision of the solution, only then you will be able to fit it in. Technology which was  supposedly so concrete has become so subjective because of its  complexity today. You can never be on the same page in the world of technology solutions. The most difficult part always remains; the execution.

When you don’t have the guts to decide, where will the solution come from? And if it happens to be the state of affairs of both the buyer and seller, then where will the solution come from? Given the present state of affairs of wandering solutions, might be as we move forward there would be a need for a  specialization called  solutions engineering. This would provide the student the theory and the practice of finding solutions, at least in one area of technological activity. One thing has been proven over and over again that this expertise is not going to come without being practitioner / executioner of solutions for a long time. Having gained this experience, few would gain the capability of creating a solution and executing it. Creating interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary solutions we can leave for some other day.


Sanjay Sahay

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