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 More often than not we land up in situations where decisions are not taken & if taken, are not based on facts already available, simultaneously with the understanding of the future.  Life is full of decision making situations & our ability to decide gives us the push to surge ahead & make things happen.  Making change happen in the positive interest of the society is what everybody aspires for.  There is a general feeling amongst all of us that whatever we decide is the best option  & we become touchy about it, if we face flak on that count.  This behavioural trait comes in way of improving our decision making ability.

The ability to decide is primarily based on all the relevant facts we are able to garner & whole gamut of views & the processes by which it can be delivered.  The analysis thereupon throws up couple of solutions & blended with intuition leads to the right decision.  The decision’s value is directly proportional to its exact execution & the impact thereof. If the purpose matches with the impact, the result can be called worthwhile. One thus develops a  decision making intuition.

Though we keep decrying lots of decisions for not having made the right impact; the reality indicates the the  faulty implementation happens to be the culprit.  The enabling atmosphere for its execution does not get created. Human beings need enablement for all they do is a reality we should be comfortable with, both at the time of decision making & during the rigorous process of implementation.

 Decisions once taken should be etched in stone.  The firmness of decision is dependent on effectiveness of the decision making process.  If we keep fiddling with the decision & the modalities of its execution, it’s no decision.  People come up with bright ideas post the decision, it can wait for another time.  The sanctity of the decision & forestalling any dilution is the key to an effective follow through of any decision.  The ability to decide creates a capability in us to surge ahead in complex times.


  Sanjay Sahay



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