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Who all need Artificial Intelligence, seems to be have become an irrelevant question with the super success of ChatGPT. The battle for it is not only business but the world has fallen at the doorstep of AI. Whether you want it or not has become irrelevant and so it also the question, as to how much would you be impacted by it. It is not your hands and may be also not in the hands of the people who are creating this cutting-edge technology, one-use case might just wipe you out and your business too. We live in amazingly transformative time.

Unfortunately, we are not tuned to this sort of a transformation even after having living in a digital age for over quarter of a century in large parts of the world. The IT behemoths has realised it and have put in all what it takes to lead the AI battle, or least be a part of it and not to be left out. It is an existential battle. The sordid saga of Nikon vanishing into thin air might get repeated at scale. Leave aside businesses no institution or anyone in any reasonable trade would remain unimpacted. The others while being impacted would not know the nature of impact and by whom and would be taken as an providential act.

The impact of this technology would grow exponentially in the days to come. You might also be knowing that if you become conversant and comfortable with this technology, it could be a money spinner, a morale booster and can make you a small tech game changer in your own right. What do you do then? Besides the IT behemoths, everyone needs to respond. We need an Artificial Intelligence, AI Finishing School. The expertise is multifarious and so are the use cases, from prompt engineering to AI chip, all there in the fray. AI Finishing School can be game changer and everyone gets a hands-on training and certification for his requirement, interest and dire need. It can also be the right time to switch careers.

Instead of learning by hit and trial and taking ages and also learning only half-baked at best, this institution would provide an opportunity in the most proper manner. The resources thus trained into newer areas, where there is serious paucity of tech resources can be a big fillip or go back to their old work with an expertise which others would marvel. The productivity and confidence would become upbeat for quite some time. With the experience of one or more such finishing schools, government or education or business consortium would do yeomen service to the nation to create an Artificial Intelligence University, AIU. A game changer and a first mover, it would help creating skills which can transform the nation as nothing ever. Even if we have not created the magic, we should certainly be doing a great service in creating the best quality magicians to perform this magic.

Sanjay Sahay

Have a nice evening.

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