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The world requires degrees, though some change is taking place yet it remains the final benchmark. If the degrees could deliver, we would have been a totally different country by now. If you were given an opportunity to differentiate between a person with a graduate degree and one with a doctoral, would you be able to do that? The catch is you would not have his CV and the person is not allowed to divulge this fact. Does the level of degree get connected to you being worldly wise, having great influencing skills, the ability to take responsibility et al.? The ultimate touchstone is what differences have you noticed in yourself professionally as you have kept moving ahead in the degree gathering spree?

Talking from an academic institution point of view do you in anyway find a person with the higher degrees better enabled to mentor a student. Teaching can be done by world class videos freely available today, what is expected out of these degrees is to do the rest. What has been the qualitative change on the college or university campuses after the doctoral diktat by the regulatory authorities for the lecturers promotion? Are the students better off today because of fulfilling this additional requirement on the part of the lecturers? Does this compulsion for an additional degree adds to the academic drudgery or turns out to be an exhilarating experience at the end of which either you would achieved wisdom or enlightenment or both.

Where is the degree – performance connect in the corporate world? Today there are numerous business enterprises who have said no to this connect and they have been dong exceedingly well. When the disconnect is becoming more and more visible with every passing day, the persons with such high academic degrees keep feeling that wisdom has been divinely ordained on them and they should get their due? The degrees for one don’t deliver anything generally and on the other side helps them to take a stance that they should not be challenged and the sad part is that in the process they get really challenged.

One you have got your stockpile of degrees, your arsenal is complete. Then is the unending urge of churning out articles after articles. Sometimes, it is so trying that you need an article to list the number of articles. If somebody is so interested in knowledge and wisdom, he would end up taking 20 doctoral degrees and post doctorals too. If this system is there to stay, then a parallel system has to be devised which can throw up the right fitness matrix for the job and also the trajectory he or she would take. A learning academician and a learning professional is the only necessity today.


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