Daily Post 1324


There is one category amongst the Rest that is the most intriguing, that category is most visible over the Internet today, the gyan givers. The way online gyan is being delivered sometimes makes us think as to where it was hidden for such a long time. From Business Continuity to Making an Opportunity out of Crisis are dished out liberally and the audience is lapping too. This is the trade of Webinars, which is primarily for free, being vociferously practiced by a group of so called professionals or ex-professionals, indulging from prophecy to prescription, while the mandated stakeholders are struggling to make a head or tail out of the present situation.

The main difference between the Doer and the Rest is that the Rest are not mandated to deliver. Amongst the ones who jump on to the bandwagon is a category which does for some superficial misplaced concern, not knowing where to use their energies. They are desperate to find a meaning in their existence. The other category is of out of the world experts, who can do marketing of everything. They don’t sell anything but market themselves and are a thriving lot in the COVID-19 landscape too.

The non-practitioner intellectual also falls in the same Rest category, in times of crisis. While the world is struggling to sort out their battle for existence, they happily write / discuss on all the non workable tools dished out through the media, which nobody has the time, energy and need to digest. Ex-performers / practitioners from different domains also jump onto the bandwagon to add some colour to their already boring lives. The cross professional gyan happens in crisis time with the present day practitioners for different domains. It does not deliver any sense.

The Rest takes over the narrative. The WhatsApp University has come in handy for them. The Doer loses his voice and in the process the subject group which is dire need of information and guidance from them, remains bereft of it. It can make a difference between life or death or ill health in the present scenario. Rest add to clutter and misuse. It’s high time the doer takes control of narrative in the interest of the issue, practice and beneficiaries otherwise we would always be on a roller coaster ride.


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