Daily Post 1323


The doer and rest is the challenge which the country and may be the world is facing. The proportion of doers to the ones living on it, decides the fate of the organisation, enterprise, community and the nation. Technology should take care of the reasonable element of packaging, marketing and reaching out to the individual on behalf of the doer. Unfortunately, the rest have taken over the doer himself, the camouflage party as we can call them. A packaging and super circulation to the level, which can safely be termed as fake, on the venture they have set out for, that is super kill.

No that there was no marketing and advertising that was done earlier, it was very much there but I presume that it was commensurate to the product being pushed in the market. And there was not a whole trade existing more than the product infrastructure and resources itself. The other critical part is both the credibility and utility being attached to it. That has slowly become the norm. The impact of dashboard is more for the look and feel, rather than the work at the ground level, brick and mortar, the integrity of data and whether it is able to create the situational awareness, decision making henceforth and then the result and the impact.

Social Digital Marketing as we can call it, has become an independent discipline, though not specifically recognised as such. That it would add value to the doer and product is accepted. Think of What’sApp not getting onto this mode and still gained global pre-eminence. In the COVID-19 situation what would be the percentage of people who are actually the doers and others in the ecosystem who are full time living on it. This includes hackers and the money launderers who have got into this game. Even the serious doers, how much of their time is being wasted in the battle of perception.

As the number of the Rest crosses that of the Doers, then it is just a perception battle. The battle is taken to the level of surreal. The ground reality is lost in the process. The whole planning is done to create a pack of cards. And anyone can. Nothing changes and everybody enjoys. But when the crisis actually hits, no one knows where to go. Only, the Doer has the answer. Let not marketing, advertising, propaganda, social media, perception management etc take over the Doer himself. In reality, they have started creating their own Doers.


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