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Engineering is not a discipline, it is world in itself, which has created the world we live and the world in, the world we would be ushered in the days to come, from Metaverse in the near future to the hyerloop mode of transportation sometime in the distant future. Engineering is the science, methodology and the capability to realize a dream. But for the dreamers in the Silicon Valley, who all were engineers, we would have been living in a different world today. Though Covid-19 has been a health crisis for the world, it was made livable by communication technology in a variety of ways, which all of us have experienced.

In fitness of the world, they have created for us, tech enabled and hence widely different from what it was a few decades ago, leave aside a century ago, we owe it to our engineers. National Engineer’s Day is observed on 15th of Sept every year to commemorate the great work of engineers and to encourage then to improve and innovate. It happens to the birthday of Bharat Ratna Sir M Visvesvaraya, one of the most outstanding engineers of all times. The variety of engineering colleges and engineers we produce, and also the numbers can put anyone at is wits end. Fifteen lakh engineers a $2.5 trillion economy.

America produces in the range 1 lakh engineers for $ 16 trillion plus economy. What top notch engineers can deliver we can draw a fair inference out of it. The heavily public funded engineers find their way to the dreamlands of the west. Do the funds spend on them serve any public good? We fund their education and buy products and services from multinationals as skyrocketing prices at all their terms and conditions in their favor. ISRO was created despite IITians not finding it to be a favorable pasture. Commendable exceptions such organizations are, but does propel the generic engineering capability of the nation. India remains bereft of technological know how.

The famed software companies don’t make any product even for the Indian market, leave aside the world. It serves the middle-class dream of a job. A stark reminder of where we come from and how much we can dream but for in our speeches. The precision of Supertech Twin Towers demolition and the epitome of imprecision of not being able to manage pot holes is the engineering paradox we live in. Engineers are there everywhere in the underbelly of civic amenities, infrastructure, housing and what not? There is large percentage of engineers who qualify in the category of unemployables as far as engineering jobs are concerned. Merely 2.5% of Indian engineers possess skills in artificial intelligence, while only a handful of engineers, 5.5% are qualified with basic programming. Time of quality and change. For the best ones, India wakes them with a call for self-actualization.

Sanjay Sahay

Happy Engineer’s Day

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