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Nothing remains unimpacted by the machine learning and artificial intelligence revolution. The ones who decide against it live on the edge of a precipice. The world does not wait for the ones who don’t become a part of the evolving narrative. Expecting future not to bite you for simple reason that you were having the time to think of it, does not work in real life. People, communities, institutions, organizations and nations have witnessed the technological tsunami passing them any number of times, this might the one more time, with the most deadly negative impact of missing out. Products and companies are joining the bandwagon both for their own survival and also for being a part of a party, the commercial value of which, is still beyond our imagination.

Photoshop has been such product, which has been synonymous with photos for decades now. Developed in 1987 by American brothers Thomas and John Knoll, who sold the Adobe Systems in 1988. It has gone through transformation over the years and remains state of art. But when state of art itself is being redefined in the backdrop of ML/AL landscape, products need to fully aligned with the tectonic tech change to prove their worth. There are good number of products who are proving their worth in the New Age, Photoshop too has taken the plunge.

One feature that is on way to become a signature feature is the Photoshop Remove Tool. This transforms this software into a new game changing AI-powered tech. The game changer is the transformation of a struggling photo editor into a so to say a photo creator. It aims at making an amateur good enough to take pics to amazing heights. It challenges the professional pic industry as never before. In the AI world simplicity of usage is moving mountains, we are feeling so technologically empowered as never before in human history. Photoshop’s Remove Tool holds this magic.

The struggle with pics is over. You can remove anything from a photo using this feature, it is near magical. The guy moving in the background or sling around your arm can be removed with no trace of it as if never existed. You just have drag over the object and Photoshop does the job. It is currently available only in Photoshop Beta. It is way beyond content aware fill. It uses the Machine Learning technology. Remove after each stroke option is immensely useful in dealing with the nuances of the pic while having the capability to remove. Using brush size creatively helps. The way this tool handles the edges can leave awestruck. If you are working on a period piece, remove tool will help you maintain the time period. Highlighting the subject by doing away non-essential is crazy. No distracting objects. it does a great job removing blemishes. Its time you try it yourself.

Sanjay Sahay

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