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The make-believe world of maturity is what we have created unconnected with the harsh reality with which we have to grapple with on a day-to-day basis. The self-propelled maturity halo by large number of mavericks in different areas adds to the already existing mess in which we are deeply stuck up. It has precisely come to something akin to scratching each other’s back and at times doing it unknowingly. This explains the level to which this rot has set in, it seems to have become our DNA. The deliberate act of creating the impression of maturity, where not even a semblance of it exists, can be comprehensively termed as The Maturity Fraud.

In democracy, the world starts with the elections and ends with it. The legality of the elections has to be taken to the divine level. The best way to do that is to declare the Indian electorate as a very matured one, one which votes with full application of mind, going through manifestoes and what not and also has the capability to reward or punish governments. While the political parties strategize on every other thing, sentiments, emotions and what not, holding sway over the voter, the public demonstration of this thought helps every stakeholder of the Indian elections. Finally the voter also feels empowered for no reason and life goes on.

The steel frame of the Indian Civil Services is another maturity anecdote. In a totally different world from what they were created to operate in, the political cauldron has added its own might in messing it. From maturity of bureaucratic knowledge and expertise, it is presumed they have developed a level of robustness, ideal to administer a complex country like India. In reality we find a different story playing out in state after state and issue after issue. At times you would be at your wits end to define maturity. *Declaring reality is making our barrel bottomless. The maturity fraud allows us to show the bottom till it lasts, when it’s getting unfixed,  blame all but for yourself and scoot.

When everything goes to the courts, our governments project they are in complete control of the situation. The aura of maturity which they carry can be ripped off,  if once they are not provided a prepared note for of any of their meetings. They fulfill the formality, while the political agenda comes into full play. Current example is of health infrastructure, what maturity was shown in not upgrading it, in the face of an impending disaster. Only today Allahabad High Court had to order lockdown in Lucknow, Kanpur, Varanasi and Allahabad. Is this not a slap  on the governance maturity they claim. The executive not even being able to take a decision and the Court had to intervene. The Maturity Fraud has seeped in a variety of organizations, governments, agencies, communities, NGOs, families and what not? This is the new rule of the game.


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