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We all know what borders are from international borders to the city / town borders and that of states, districts and village panchayats. There would never be any difference of opinion on what those borders are, what purpose do they serve and what are the regulations required to cross any of these or the lack of it. There are times, when we have temporary border posts, depending on the situation and is generally temporary in nature. The routine one is for a fixed purpose. Completely sealed borders are generally unheard of and that too done voluntarily in anticipation of an a law and order situation.

Just switch on you TV and you would taken to world of New Borders, these are not the famous names of the international borders, they are Shambhu, Tikri borders et al. which have gained notoriety in the backdrop of the farmers agitation 2.0. In the democratic world of dialogue, when the time has been sufficient and the other party is ready to talk, the names of the newly created and popularized borders give an impression of a state under siege or in a state of war. The way the farmers agitation evolved the last time, without casting aspersions on anyone, cannot be the only parameter completely change legal, mental and operational construct of creating and manning borders.

What it does entail is a different story? The world thrown out of gear for days together, life coming to a standstill and no end in sight. Last time around we forgot those roads and started believing that they are the ones, which had never seen vehicular traffic. The highways of business and travel and of innumerable conveniences can be closed at will, is certainly a phenomenon which needs to watched from different angles. It might just change the methodology of dealing with agitations of this nature, to the peril of the masses in that area where travel and transportation is must for a variety of reasons.

The police there is a general feeling is the handmaiden of the government and it can be left of anyone’s imagination whether they decide the nature of deployment or not? Minimum force and minimum convenience to the masses has been the natural justice and legally ordained formula we have always worked on. Even traffic snarls because of VIP movements have been abhorred over and over again. Bandhs have been declared illegal by courts. No one is legally entitled to stop essential services and medical emergency. Elaborate efforts were made during Covid times that life runs as usual as it can be, notwithstanding the global health emergency. Law and order need to dealt with in all the parameters of human existence and the mandated legal regime in mind. The cure cannot become worse than the disease.

Sanjay Sahay

Have a nice evening.

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