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Self-determination is the right of any people inhabiting a geographical area. This the right to decide the method of being ruled. At the core of self determination is the will of the people. A referendum so to say, in a doable system. That is the genesis of democracy. Elected representative on a system that suits them that population the best, and serves their interest. It is then believed the that elected representatives will do the rest. There can be some customization to this basic framework but the tenor and operations have to remain the same. The disturbing which has been found since quite some time is the personalization of democracy.

We start from the primary question? Do you find the will of the people being taken into serious consideration in the decisions taken by the governments? Do we have any system of dialogue leading to decision and execution? Or, is will of the people is sealed after you have cast your vote? Henceforth, whatever they do is your will. In subsequent election you cast your vote again and all rights and wrongs of five years gets validated. You are dammed either way. You keep to struggle as they have devised their way of democracy, right under the conspicuously visible democratic umbrella.

Have you ever met any political executive who commands faith of all, notwithstanding political affiliation, background, economic / political influence, religion, and any number of the other considerations. Each of his decisions are impacted by non-democratic, non-will of the people considerations. Only vote counts and that is an existential consideration. This edifice is thus built on personalization of democracy. It is built over time when a young leader starting working in his constituency. All past relationships are revived and made to play to his advantage, and new ones are made depending on specific requirements and how far or near one is from the elections.

As political relationship is a game of being able to provide benefits and being of use when the person is in crisis. Or he wants to flaunt his status for a social event. There is absolutely nothing good, bad or ugly in this relationship, the strength of these relationships is based on, being of use to the person who carries your cross. It is morality and law neutral, its manifestation we see daily in political life and in the vast array of criminal cases on politicians. If all things are taken care, then these relationships provide bountiful harvest during elections. They are also an asset for every political activity. If this were not happen, then what meaning does democracy have for them. Access to power is only through personalization of democracy.

Sanjay Sahay

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