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In fables and mythology, we have heard of the promised lands. Beyond that when reality hits life, society and the nation, the gear change has to be totally different, the current age being no different. But one difference which stands out is the present-day complexity in every aspect / dimension, which is generally so neatly wrapped in a seamless existence. Promises thus also have to be different and the nature of the promised land too. To fathom out the effort behind it, would itself be a humungous task, repeating or creating something new of that complexity, would not be in the realm of the dream.

Dreams which do not allow you sleep are the dream of achievers, and dreams that are to be flaunted are the dreams of India’s political class down the ages. The richest man in human history, is known for his technological accomplishments and a life of outright struggle. He has slept on factory floor not long time back. He has both the leadership and the delivery / execution mantra in place. ”I don’t believe like people should be experiencing hardship while the CEO is like off on a vacation.” In a different field the magic of Lee Kuan Yew, the builder of Singapore, its first Prime Minister. They created a country and a company without models, and become role models themselves.

Bangalore was promised to be a Singapore, more than two decades back. Promises can be kept in hearts and minds, blueprints created and then executed and achieved. That is the time when it should be made known to the world, that you made pious pledge to yourself and achieved it for the company, society or the country. We have the Green and the White Revolutions, besides lots others, which were laid down for us with a quiet precision. Precision can be seen only in reverse engineering, while it is being made to happen, the pangs can only give you endless sleepless nights. Promises are in reality a complex package of technology, management, finance, project execution, delivery, impact and improvement all bundled into one.

How many promises are conceptualized in this manner? You cannot have a promise and somebody else delivers it. Sam Pitroda or Sreeddharan had not promised us anything. Democracy is all about being a rebel and having the skill to fulfil that rebellious dream. How many in our political class have both these elements in them? It has to happen at the individual level and not in a horde thought process. The political manifestoes can to termed as the minefield of promises. From Garibi Hatao to the present-day ones, it has been used as a tool for the over sentimental masses. It has been used in every aspect of human life from the religious to the technological. If all the election manifestoes were put in action, India instead of being a Promised Land would have become a Land of Promise.

Sanjay Sahay


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