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Rant as is generally thought as a form of speech, in reality, it is a state of mind and taking it a little further, given the quantum of afflicted persons, it can also be called a clear indicator nation’s health. The only way to be heard or push your agenda has become the mode of a rant. It adds psychological element to the whole narrative that you cannot go wrong. That you have the right to force other people to listen to you. Taking the rant mode ensures your chances of success increases phenomenally in the public domain, may it be any trade; journalists, politicians, bureaucrats, police officers, freelancer professionals, actor, sportspersons and what not.

The interesting tinge is that this ranting behaviour is camouflaged in the interest of the society and the nation. The nation is put into daily attendance in one of the talk shows. Rant starting as an URL of one of the leading English TV channels has become the default language of nearly all talk shows. First this virus spread to the anchors and slowly but steadily and for sure for good, to every single panelist. Lots have learned the gestures that should go with it; the facial expressions, the hand movement, the stern looks, sometimes even giving the feel of nearing a fist fight. They have it all. Might be the puppeteers would be watching from their studios.

The ultimate expertise has been picked up, practiced and perfected into an art without any training. No, that is not the case. The world has been a stage and fast learners learn the best that way. Only the gains should be visible. Political verbose for long has been that way. The election meetings pitch has always remained so. The day to day attack and counter attacks in the run up for any election has to happen necessarily to in the mode. Rant is the most important form of speech, yet to find a place in the famed Wren & Martin.

If you have ever had the pleasure to engage in the verbal dual with the Naxal leaders, you will realise what rant is all about and how your life has been so unsuccessful because of the lack of this trait. The NGOs whose yeomen service would not have become a folklore but for the rant. Now it is on paper too. It has become a form of writing. The fate favours the brave and so do followers. Bureaucrats, police officers, actors et al are all joining the Rant Brigade. This has become the established mode to defend, expand and propagate. The guises are all well known. Who does not want to follow a successful model?


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