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Gestation period is the time for time of initiating a creation, till the time it ready to be used / commissioned. Many a times commissioning is just the beginning, it might take years and decades to reach an adult, matured or a robust state. That was the imagination or even better the blueprint with which it started. The initiation of work might itself take a long time, given the nature of preparation needed for the project. We all know the time taken to prepare our constitution, that is what a blueprint is. The country is still being built on it, or that is the way it should be.

As the adage goes, Rome was not built in a day. To the contrary of reality just spoken, the Indian mindset today has become the readymade mindset. Readymade mindset means the disappearance of the gestation period completely from their heart and mind or it gets abridged to a level where it becomes impractical. This mindset also makes you believe that there is super success at the end of it. They are not ready to accept the fact; that projects, dreams and works, quite a few times can end in outright failure. We have to get up from there, pick up the worthwhile remnants and start building afresh to victory and glory.

The same fate can hit you a second time as well. In such a scenario, the readymade mindset populace, can only think of dejection, depression, start believing that the world is conspiring against him, and that the world is only full of people who can pull strings. If you have not seen a bigger and a more excruciating struggle or battle, you would feel yours has been the worst one. They can’t even understand the slips between the cup and the lip, leave aside the endless more complex things. They feel the cup and lip are one and the same thing.

We have also tried to make our next generation sincerely believe in this Readymade Mindset philosophy and they seem to have got fully wedded to it. Where there is fixed gestation period, it is thought that they just have to go through the chores and best final result would be on offer. In the first semester of an engineering degree course, we start talking of placements with finality, as if the performance of the eight semesters in between does not exist. Till eight grade or so, there seems to be an automatic promotion scheme. In our board exams best results were scored in the year when no exams could be conducted on account of COVID. In lots of government services, the readymade mindset continues for decades, the world below would keep making everything ready for you, at you beck and call. For the political class winning elections means that a red carpet of delivery of whatever and whenever you want, opens for you. You don’t even have to make a blueprint. Life without the battle of life, is what the Readymade Mindset is all about. It is killing the nation.

Sanjay Sahay

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