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Last century, post the fall of colonialism, lots of nation states, inclusive of India were born and democratic structures and institutions were created, initiated a different way of life. It was culmination of freedom / revolutionary struggles of legendary leaders and equally legendary followers. All they had was to give and create, in life. Then came infrastructure building and governance, upscaling, creation and extension of businesses. This was the stage of nation building and business consolidation. Few comforts starting emanating out of the these developments to the citizens.

The spread of education happened, not very high quality one at all places and simultaneously for the last two decades the digital revolution made the world flat. It brought immense benefits. But in this age we witness a paradigm shift in the thought process, what we call THE RIGHTS MODE. Besides the historical and economic changes, this mindset seems to have direct correlation to the consumerist world. The demands keep on increasing, from a small school going kid to even large IT enterprises, everyone knows what they are entitled to and life is an ongoing journey to even grab it .

Who creates the repository of material goods, services, soft skills out of which these rights / entitlements have to be met. From where does quality education come out – creating a not at par educational system. The management proclaims quality education and so does the faculty, the parents and the students but in reality that right is not being met. Right of education is right to quality education, how many of institutions are ready to take the pains to impart that.

The rights mode demands for all utilities/ facilities, all that they are legally mandated; of health, electricity and what not? Of employment, of doles, of support in lots of scenarios, can it happen if the resource itself is not there. The Rights Mode does not synthesize with the creation mode. The two are antithetical. Demanding and criticising from morning to evening is a habit being immensely accentuated by the Social Media too. Add value to demand rights, the flow is maintained.


Sanjay Sahay

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