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Seamless and the flawed pertain to defining a professional by what they deliver, if they do, the quality of that delivery, the pain points thereof – physical, expertise, grit or logistics related, and the whole process that leads to the final delivery. The planning and execution game is the what we are talking about. The types available with us on our day-to-day experience in different sectors, job competencies and professions can be broadly be divided into the seamless ones, the flawed, differential levels between the two and lastly the ones who are flawed, and spent a lifetime to prove otherwise.

Unfortunately, the last group is the most numerous of the lot. They are able to spend a lifetime defending themselves / their failures and are able to pull through unscathed and most of the times they do very well in life. In the Indian system the connect they have and a majoritarian thought process of not finding faults with anyone, finds them in a smoothly sailable situation. Flawed because of incompetence is a category that does not exist in this country. If that were to be the case we would have been a different country as of now. Given the present situation the audacity of the flawed to dictate terms and also being to prove that flaws in them are a part of the natural process or because of ecosystem, is termite which will kill the whole system one day.

Today itself it has forced us to live at a degraded level of existence in every field. Let’s get the binary straight. What is flawless? It is the capability of a professional to deliver as per the requirement within stipulated time and of the expected quality and beyond, without any supervision. In case clear cut formula does not exist, he as capability to garner sufficient knowledge and resources to be able to do deliver to everyone’s satisfaction. Though on the face of it, it might look like a system enabled seamless delivery, but that is not the case. It is proven that way because the flawed are able to both camouflage their weaknesses and the seamless one is not able to extract any benefit out of it.

The story of the flawed professionals is the story of India. Flawed by competence, expertise, acumen, girt or few other soft skills, is neither told to him nor that the make-believe success narrative is not acceptable. He is the product of an educational system where eulogizing and marks are daily steroids, and being told the true story is an exception. Setting the resource right is not even dreamt. The more such people in the system, the I scratch your back and you mine, becomes the operational norm of organizations. The flawed in the process get overboard and help create a flaw enabled value add, the ecosystem gets vitiated and that becomes the DNA of the ecosystem. The flawed take over. This is the tragedy of the nation, a coup-d’etat which can never be called so.

Sanjay Sahay

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