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Having gone through the educational system for minimum of 15-17 years of our lives, if we know any professional the closest is a teacher. In no other environment such a long time is spend completely dedicated to the professional; the persona, the thought process, the precision, and even the demeanour that remains with the us all our lives. It is such a passive learning that it remains all our life, without most of us even realising it. Let there no doubt that it is not limited to academics, so schools and colleges are not just teaching machines, they teach life as well, and the teachers are the prima donnas.

The realisation of this responsibility mandated by the school and to a reasonable extent by the families and the society, elevates the teacher in his or her own eyes. This is what brings sparkle in their lives. This makes them feel, the efforts that they put in cannot be put a price. Covid-19 has very clearly manifested not only the learning gap, but the gap in the general quality of living forced by closure of schools. While the parents were 24/7 with them, the absence of teachers made a monumental difference. This was accentuated by the lack of school atmosphere, which the online system was in no position to replicate.

The culture of the academic institutions is created by the principal and the faculty and that becomes the biggest trademark of the school, the selling point of the institution. It rubs off on the student’s fraternity. They are the biggest brand ambassadors of their alma mater and teachers who helped them to reach levels they did. It’s the gateway to success for the students coming out through the portals of such hallowed schools, and how fondly we talk of them. With all this at our back, there can no denying that fact that there is a teacher in all of us. Leaving the teaching fraternity aside, there are lots who keep indulging in teaching in a meaningful way.

From families to residential localities to organisation of all types, you will find people who love to impart their knowledge to the younger ones or juniors as the case may be. They are very well known and the aspirational and the aberrant are both send to such teachers. We can call it informal professional training; both in the trade and of the organisational culture. They learn how to achieve professional growth and mannerisms and etiquette which will pull them through. Mentoring is different from teaching but the two converge in creating a great professional and a human being rolled into one. If the teacher in us finds an expression in large number of us, we with teachers would be able to make this world a much better place to live in.

Sanjay Sahay

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