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People giving up jobs for their own violation or for better opportunities or for personal reasons or otherwise, is the order of the day. It is a matter of personal choice and it should rest there itself. But just with the change in management leaving an organization is certainly not the norm. Professional output is something any management would look and yearn for. Managements go out of the way and to retain talent. They scout across the globe for outstanding talent, so that market value of the brand and company improves.

With the promoters moving out after losing control of NDTV, was it just a change of guard? Mergers, acquisitions and change of guard is a part of the business rigmarole that keeps on happening in the business world barely impacting the day-to-day operations of the company. At the end of the day, it is just a job for the employee and as long as he excels in his job, he is there to stay. And if his credentials are outstanding, it is all the more reason for him to be a part of the transition process, for the new management to understand the culture of the organization, values it stands for and deciding on a trajectory which would be an improvement on its past performance.

Professional management or the management’s professional is the choice which media presumably faced or they opted for the latter on their own is of no consequence now. What is the order of the day is that the latter model has succeeded and mainstream journalism has gleefully accepted it. It can be called be its creation and supported by the powers that be. Who does not want to have media by its side and that to without making any effort. To be or not be a Ravish Kumar is the question? From the schools of mass communication to journalism, the pivotal role for professional ethics or reporting has been proclaimed and supposedly being taught even today. There are also number of professional bodies as well whose job is to safeguard what the profession stands for?

Can we imagine the takeover of a hospital for not delivering quality medical services, the present presumption and scenario seems to be tantamount to that. Nobody wants to dispel it either. A business empire for which NDTV is of consequence from a business point of view, goes to for a takeover, which on face of it, though legally tenable, does not meet the eye squarely. Since the deal came to the fore couple of months back this future rolling out now had become a fait accompli. After promotors, it was Ravish Kumar, who would find his door out of NDTV was nearly an accepted reality. Today it has happened. Can professions and professionals be made to meet this dead end? The answer is an emphatic at least for the time being. Can money buy everything? Is everything business and creating a quality enterprise, expertise and culture is inconsequential? Can the country risk losing professions itself?

Sanjay Sahay

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