Daily Post 1292


Lifestyle changes has been a topic of discussion for quite sometime as a serious advisory by medical practitioners for diabetics and hypertension afflicted persons. Any amount of medication cannot help you revert to normal life if these positive changes are not brought in one’s life. It takes good amount of effort, discipline and a regimented life. These valuable attributes of life we have forgetting of late, that all efforts should be made for money making and money will take care of the rest. That that capability of money is literally stripped bare for the first time in our lifetime.

When such small afflictions demand such mammoth changes in your lifestyle, what will corona demand for an affliction which has brought the world to its knees. From life style changes it has to be complete change in our living, otherwise it would the frying pan to the fire story next time round. Hygiene which we have be flaunting as a national program finally hit the roof when it came to our life. As we move ahead in life will our local self governments ensure lack of filth and hygiene in public places? Will we have the time and the energy to maintain our individual hygiene and in our private spaces.

A living with all the tantrums and idiosyncrasies had become primordial to our existence. Eating was less for food and more to flaunt. On the lighter side the selfies and pics of the great dishes have vanished have vanished into the blue. Being frugal should become our life. The resources thus generated can be be used for large number of activities may be to create a better health infrastructure. Finally only health counts has to driven home through our our educational system, it not being a personal issue only. Corporate hospitals cannot ensure the health of a nation. Personal health and hygiene has to at the centre of our existence.

A living woven around the concept that most of our commute and travel was unnecessary. That we don’t need million dollars summits to improve the environment. That Govts need to have their antennas in place. Responsive execution has to be new mantra. Fire fighting cannot be the only governance expertise, it can fail anytime. That callousness, misjudgment and lack of application of mind has been our forte as a civilisation, has to change now. All stakeholders have an equal right to heard and no one should be allowed to frivolous. Democratic mandate cannot be equated with governance supremacy is proven the world over.


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