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From creating awareness relentlessly in endless areas to training and certification taking care of 90% of the CV spaces to motivation and welfare measures which the employers dole out, presumably we should be the best performing workforce in the world. This is complimentary and supplementary to the base STEM degrees; science, technology, engineering and mathematics, 2.6 million graduating only in the 2016, in India. The Human Resource is power packed, to say the least.

If the advertisements and the marketing pitch of MNCs and Indian firms are added to this power packed technical manpower, the country will always remain on the technical and growth roll.. The Business Enterprise’s vision and mission statements will put a final seal on our lips. As Accenture states; Good Performance, Delivered. Do we understand the malaise? If we do, have we decided to push it under the carpet? Is this make believe world suiting anybody in the real sense.

The crux of the problem is not weeding out the chaff. At the entry point itself, the employment is in hordes as if these companies are creating some manual workforce. As it comes so cheap and billing is international, body shopping takes care of the profits. To prove the resources be be world class all sorts of certifications are there in market for a price, which the questionable quality manpower will not blink an eyelid to spend money on, to possess.

What have certifications;PMI, (ISC)2 and innumerable others added to create a workforce which is way above the ordinary, to take us on a technical trajectory of appropriate customisation, research, prototype to making it commercial, innovation, product mindset and finally making us prepared for an original and long technological journey. On the contrary, there certifications have provided finality to the mediocrity already taken in. Individual employability or technological superiority – there is not much of a choice.


Sanjay Sahay

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