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With a pre-decided lot of human resources, the capability of improving performance, by way geographical juggling is known as transfers. This would be by far the most simplistic definition of sakari transfers since the time, it was made as a tool for good and robust governance. The appendage to this power, process and output is what is euphemistically termed a public interest. If we extend the logic of Max Weber beyond a point, of faceless bureaucracy, each one delivering the same, as the other, it would also mean that all geographical locations associated with such positions also being faceless.

The beauty of this well-established process of HR management is the fact that is never loses its charm and it comes back every year with the fervor and enthusiasm and the jest that you would succeed this time. With the geographical and cherished office locations, carrying differential levels of internal and external charm, the fascination and suspense, will always remain for the bureaucracy. The truism is a job or service is good as the post. This is the truism the government servants want to live by and die for. If a government servant is ready to open his heart out, he will tell how much time did he spend on his transfers and God send focus that he always had for this purpose.

The performance appraisals hang in mid-air in variety of jobs and for a variety of purposes, more so in the government, so transfers and posting, declare whether you have arrived or not. It is a very clear manifestation of reward and punishment. Reward and punishment of what and for what is known public domain mystery. Whosoever controls your transfers, de facto, will decide the rules of the game of reward and punishment. There would be no performance appraisals on the table when generally transfers and postings are decided. Anyway, there are no official gradation of posts in that manner. There are rules galore of transfers and postings, but powers that be have been able to subvert it a comprehensive way.

Some officers are known for the large number of transfers they have gone through, others for quick fix stability they provide to themselves wherever they go. Down the line you will lots of staff in every big office not impacted by transfers. Getting oneself to a specific post is an art, but maintaining oneself there is a bigger art. The next stage of making this art magical, is when you keep getting good positions one after the other. That is what is termed as a successful bureaucratic career. Being a darling of every government is the highest aspiration, posts will then follow. The ones who transcend beyond the normal bureaucratic existence, become indispensable, and thus extensions, beyond retirement. The story for the true bureaucrat does not here, there is a whole world of power and position even beyond this. Life is one unending fun and frolic with power, as they say.

Sanjay Sahay

Have a nice evening.

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