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 Documentation is supposed to be a core competency bereft of the actual purpose or goal, for which the project or task is being created, developed or created.  The consultants are supposed to be competent enough to deliver; despite our basic documents coming out unstuck regularly.  Avoiding time & cost overruns; final delivery with all its functionalities remains a mirage.  The owners are  not ready to delve deep with care, precision and application of mind which every project demands . In this fast changing and complex times, it’s a must.

A  document is created out of trust and its execution is based on the trust it develops.  The only way out is the practitioners expertise / experience and his capability to look into future & provide a framework worth execution based on such inputs.  Limiting it to an academic exercise, limits it completely and the necessary competence never gets created. Documents unable to provide this sort of transition is being churned out to our dismay.  A solution does seem to be in sight.

 The delineation of the documentation from execution by fixing responsibilities on different entities is flawed in concept itself.  It can only be a blame game at the end & both entities disappear with the moolah with the project remaining in a fix.  It becomes extremely difficult to resurrect such projects even with best efforts and pumping in huge amounts of funding.  Funds cannot create projects, only  visionary documentation  can, with purpose, targets, processes & end results properly put in place; the same entity seeing it through the whole process.  Trust thus becomes inbuilt.

It further helps in creation of subsequent documentation, pertaining to execution, validation and commissioning, which with the project documents provided a trustworthy base for the functioning of the project; can be referred to as and when required with reliability, leading to correct remedial action over and over again.  This process helps projects / programs to stand on their own and deliver.



    Sanjay Sahay

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