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As communication of all kinds and all sectors is bursting at its seams in the ICT driven business & social world, the stark reality is that the language skills are on the decline.  It’s the irony of today’s times that this quantum of communication needs to handled with extremely stunted language skills.  This paradoxical situation is throwing up makeshift formats of languages further giving a death blow to the very concept;  the crux of communication is language and not the other way round.

 The need for worthwhile language skills does not emanate from the critical desire to express but from the need to comprehend, which is a primordial capability, on which hinges the entire structure.  Without comprehension, the story of life does not begin, so visible from the faces of people, who are not able to comprehend and but faking comprehension, which cannot continue for long.  At its core, this is basic human understanding.

With the complexities of official and personal requirements increasing,  very precise language skills  are necessary for each of these needs. The wide canvas of a overall flair for language proven over a long time gives the confidence of delivering on each of the demands, whether it is written or oral communication.  In oral communication the flair comes from the interplay of language and the domain and the confidence is there on display boosting the persons confidence and his ability to deliver.

 The social media has messed up with the language further and has created a language of its own.  The move towards multiple choice questions and short answers has aggravated this situation.  The reading habit already seems to be a thing of the past.  Overall, seems to be a dismal situation with some individuals & organisations shining on their strength.

Whatever may be the interface in life only language skills can guarantee positive results.


    Sanjay Sahay

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