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What makes a family click? What makes a community click? What makes an organization click? What makes a government click and finally what makes a nation click?* There can be only one answer and that too it would be in unison and that is trust. Trust is the glue which makes the world stick in every dimension. Noam Chomsky authored a book titled Manufactured Consent, the duplicity is laid bare. In the very same manner trust is being manufactured in every area of the current ecosystem. Manufacturing trust can take us nowhere and that is precisely the reason, why we have not reached anywhere near our  destination.
The reality of life is that trust cannot be manufactured. It cannot be a management destination through a given management or an electoral process. It does not happen that way. The first area in a democratic country for experiment would be the Electoral Trust. You can take a call whether 17 Lok Sabha and numerous other elections conducted so far have been to able to inch ahead on this parameter. Or has it been the other way round? In a world of subjectivity, which is the natural love of our DNA, we cannot continue in this manner any further. Trust Index is the only solution.
Trust Index is a parameterized model, organization and activity specific, fully measurable and would give an objective result of your positioned on the index. The numeric scale would be able to give various levels from full trust to no trust. Only trust can bring true transparency. The tragedy of the situation is that  nobody is interested in creating trust, not realizing that sans trust, the edifice which looks rock solid, will crash like a pack of cards. In an untrustworthy society, can you find anything trustworthy? It would be interesting to find out the nature of trust, measurable for sure, we have in our rulers and the trust they repose in us.
Is the trust not broken already? Elections cannot be treated as Trust Index. Take a completely different arena, the corporate world or even in private academic institutions, if they have decided to fire anyone for whatever reason, he/she is asked to resign, failing which he/she would be handed an adverse work experience certificate. The friction / stress of corporate life and some other areas too, is more so because of lack of trust, rather than the workload and delivery. Lack of trust takes you to a situation, where you cannot depend on anybody. The corporate employees can be technologically  disabled and that is the end of their story. Where have we reached and where do we intend to go? Crash landing is the only destination, we have already experienced such landings in a few areas.

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