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There are no technology consultancy firms. The management consultants run the show. The uniqueness of the solution is end to end. Firstly, technology consultancy finds its own place in business, solutions and projects. Secondly, it is a multi sided technology platform-based solution. It is based on an aggregator model, of which there are many well-known models globally and in India, TechConPro is the first aggregator in the technology consultancy space. Bringing technology consultancy on an aggregator is very difficult given the nature of the business not being a single transactional one. Bringing clients and technologists on the multisided platform, provides a nature of transparency which has never been seen in the consultancy space.

Consultancy has been a Black Box game. The choice was missing, the limited choice was between few known brands and nothing. For the small business it is just not there.  You had to go by the faith in the brand, without knowing their real prowess on the specific requirement, for which you were looking for a technology solution. It was the company’s discretion to provide whatever management consultants it wanted. The technologist was anyway missing. The technologist consultant is the game changing offering of TechConPro sourced differently, on the Gig Economy model, to provide the ideal professional fit to the problem statement. The technologists’ professional credentials are put in the public domain, where you take a call. You can cross verify it too.

You can compare the technologists, get their connect with products, projects, service and even execution capabilities. Being a platform-based solution, you have an immense choice in technologists, tools, pricing, etc. Price discovery has been a major challenge in the Indian tech consultancy / execution market. As many companies / consultants and projects, we have that many prices. With the *product, execution, integration and license pricing directly under control and the consultancy pricing at a fraction, you have price discovery with transparency till item wise pricing. In the interest of the customer, project and technology ecosystem, the Black Box of pricing needs to be dismantled.

The startup also takes the responsibility of executing the consultancy blueprint. The details of the projects executed are available in the data matrix, which is a unique tool for due diligence in onboarding. It leads to consultancy execution synchronization. Inbuilt data analytics is used as a business intelligence tool. Use of latent data for decision making, planning and improving productivity is addressed to, seriously. Data is the biggest asset today and we intend to use it accordingly. High end solutions, giving clear cut Business Intelligence and ROI, data driven, is the company’s forte. Transparency in expertise, tools, execution, delivery and pricing is guaranteed. TechConPro operational principle and practice is unique in every way; technologist’s expertise,  price discovery,  quality assurance, data analytics, project control, products and tools transparency, scalability and complete ownership being taken by the tech platform model.


Sanjay Sahay, Ex. IPS,
Founder & Director,

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