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Planning is a great art and has been celebrated for times immemorial as the ultimate tool to make things happen in a pre-programmed style. It has been working fine in most of the areas and world has surged ahead precisely this reason. The cost benefit analysis works in it’s favour. But there are lots of worthwhile things in life that happen the unplanned way.

This unplanned is different from the unforeseen & unknown. You have been doing things in your line of duty, interest or passion and at the end of a long and arduous unplanned journey some unimaginable result / reward / benefit lightens up. Nike’s founder had been a sprint coach, worked hard all his life, not planning for an entrepreneurial career but lo & behold, started with one when nobody else was able to deliver a shoe improvement he wanted. That was the beginning of Nike and as they say is history.

The crux of the matter is if you have skill or passion keep improving upon it, however unplanned it might be and however much unconnected it might be to any goal. The beauty of the matter is that you will experience that progress in you, over time sometimes conspicuous & sometimes hidden. This streak has a very positive impact on what all you have to do on a planned mode in life. The drudgery becomes more tolerable and there is always a soothing niche corner in your life to propel you further in happiness and fulfillment.

This can finally end up in a windfall, change of career, creating a public persona or anything beyond. Most of the people around would be critical of you. The world believes in cut and dry approach. If benefits are visible, only then it makes sense to people. Unplanned has its own place in life, let it happen and might be this component of your life becomes your life one day.


Sanjay Sahay

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